Our company

Our strong commitment to recovering past traditions, exclusive artisan workmanship and a deep passion for details always manages to come across in the pieces we create.

Mascotto Roberto Creazioni d’Arte came into being in 1990 following a sweeping restyling of the existing R.I.M.A., founded in 1967 by Roberto’s father, Pietro. A new concept lay behind the change: it lead to the creation of a new furniture aesthetic combined with a leap in manufacturing quality and the value of each piece.

Ours are classical products in the broadest sense of the term, where furniture tradition is relived in each piece, passionately crafted in each and every detail, where the common thread uniting old and new is subtle and versatile, but essential for merging a sensation of the old with the needs of the new.

Over the years, our company has been consistent in making the quality of form, materials and finishings its primary objective. We have aimed to craft a product that best responds to the needs of our clients. We continue to invest in research to offer a product that gets better over time, to provide quality service (delivery, assistance and guarantees) and strengthen our dialogue with our clientele over time.

You can see for yourself how faithful our pieces are to the originals in materials and size.